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Homo's Nomos

March 8th, 2007 (07:05 am)

My new watch
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Last summer the battery died on my department store Guess watch. It dies every 10 months or so, and that got me remembering my father and how much he liked automatic watches (although he was a pipefitter and was hard on his watches, so he mostly wore quartz). The bug bit - I decided I would buy myself an automatic watch, to celebrate being 40 and to remember my father who died a few years ago.

I searched and researched. I read posts on Watchuseek.com, Timezone.com and other watch forums. I looked at Seiko 5s, then Archimede, then Sinn, Limes, Omega...And at the end of the search I didn't get an automatic watch at all. This one is handwound.

I'm the proud wearer of a Nomos Tangente Date, with their in-house Beta movement -- decorated and visible through the sapphire display back. The dial is "galvanized silver-plated white" which isn't quite white at all. The hands are long slender steel turned blue in an oven. The watch looks plain in pictures, but in person it is somehow anything but plain. The dial is perfectly laid out and is the essence of calm and elegance. It is dressy but with enough style to be worn casually. Oh - and it's huge. Through the magic of perception, this 35mm watch is larger than my 38mm quartz chrono. (Although I love the movement of the Tangomat, there's no way I could swing adding another few mm to the size of the dial.)

I'm very happy with my purchase even though the first time I saw pictures of the watch I didn't like it much. But pictures came up again and again during my search and I began to appreciate its style. Tommy, a watch collector on Watchuseek.com was kind enough to meet with me to let me try on his Tangente. Having it on my wrist I knew I would be buying one.

But I also know that someday I will buy myself an automatic, just like dad.