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It started with a can of peaches...

April 1st, 2007 (08:55 am)

S brought up some stuff from our “Emergency Preparedness Pantry” that was soon to expire. Included was a can of peaches. The thing about canned peaches is that I would probably LOVE to have the peaches if I was stuck in the house while some avian flu or other virus was whirling arund out there, forcing me to stay inside. But if I can still buy ice cream at the corner store, canned peaches aren’t high on my list.

I thought maybe I’d make a cake with them. I searched recipes on line and found, with surprising frequency, references to Dump Cake. Growing up in a trailer park where a trip to the dump was a fun way to spend some quality time with the family, the concept got my interest.

Generally, “dump cakes” require one or two cans of fruit or pie filling which are dumped into a cake pan. Dry cake mix is dumped on top as are nuts (optionally) and melted butter. Sounds so american, yes? I popped out and bought a box of Duncan Hines yellow cake mix and off I went.

As I prepared the “cake”, I suspected all or some of it would truly end up in the dump (or rather the municipal compost heap). I can’t say I’d make it again, but it tastes better than it looks (which isn’t saying much). Although I was contantly aware that an entire box of cake mix was used. Sweet, but too rich for the volume.

The ice cream helped. Actually, just the ice cream and the canned peaches would have been a much, much better idea.

Dump Cake - yet another thing that makes me say WTF?