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April 11th, 2007 (09:42 am)

It was all so easily explained away. She was straining to poo, so the vet put her on a special diet. She wouldn’t let us brush her, so she got mats. Her belly looked funny, but we figured it was the mats. She stopped pooing out of the box, so we figured the new food was working. She didn’t like the new food much, so wasn’t eating all of it but it took us a while to realize how much weight she lost. Then I started giving her the food I knew she liked, and she’d purr like crazy while she ate it, but ended up leaving half of it behind. When I finally started feeding her salmon hoping she’d eat more, she had already started hiding between the house and the airconditioner. The next day she began to be wobbly when she’d walk. The next day she stopped purring.

That afternoon the vet saw her pale gums and figured she was bleeding a lot internally, making her belly distended. It took her no time to feel the tumor.

My good companion — Found October 2003. Lost April 2007.


A bad month for grey-coated pets.