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lynn on top [userpic]

Poopy pants

December 20th, 2006 (11:14 am)

Anyone know how to get a cat to stop shitting on the floor? 

The grey one has made quite a habit of it.  We took her to the vet and had her anal glands expressed (Blam, one expressed itself against the wall.  Glad I wasn't standing right behind her).  I hoped that would do the trick, but no.  I bought food for sensitive stomachs, incase that was an issue... of course the other cats love it, but she doesn't like it very much.  We also have pills for deworming, not that she has worms but the vet gave them to us anyway (plus more for the other two cats).  Ever try to give a cat a pill?  Ever try to give 3 cats pills???? 

So - tonight we buy her a crate so she won't soil the whole house.  Maybe she'll get used to using litter again that way.

Christmas should be interesting.  Our cat sitter isn't available.  Do we bring 3 cats, my sister, and a trunk full of presents on roadtrip for a 5 day stay at S's family?  

Yikes!  Is it too late to trade the three of them in on a dog?