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lynn on top [userpic]

There goes the neighbourhood...

June 29th, 2006 (11:29 am)

I can't say it was exactly unexpected.  When we moved across the streets from the city's largest (geographically, anyway) rent-geared-to-income housing project, we were worried about crime and gun violence.  So much so that we actually interviewed neighbours and the police before putting an offer in on the house.  But, it turned out that the area wasn't as bad as it's reputation would lead you to believe.  Well, until this week.

Saturday: a guy was shot in the leg outside a nearby apartment building.  

Monday: in the same area, a guy got shot in the leg during a carjacking.  At first I thought it was just a different report of the same incident - the victim was the same age, the area was the same, the "shot in the leg part" was the same - but it was a different day. 

Wednesday: an afternoon standoff between the police and an armed guy in a house on a nearby street. He apparently dumped some ammunition when being chased by the cops before he ran into the house - I don't think it was even his house.  Police closed off the streets and a nearby school. A few hours later, it was all resolved and 3 guys were arrested.

Thursday: A guy got shot in the arm around 4 am on a nearby street.  When police responded to the call, a guy shot at them and the EMS.  Roads around us were closed off while they searched for the guy and collected evidence (lots of shell casings).  The shooter wasn't found.

So - waaay too much with the shootings here.  Hopefully it will die down - especially before S's mom hears about it.  Then I'll have to listen to her asking us to move to Edmonton, or somewhere else she thinks is safe.  Ummm - no thanks.  Why would a couple of dykes want to move to Canada's version of Texas?